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How can technology help you make a good first impression? Read this article and discover how to make practical use of visual merchandising technologies!

What is visual merchandising? It is the art of showcasing merchandise in a way that is appealing to the eyes of your potential clientele. You know how the saying goes – first impressions last for a long time, and this is not an exception in the world of business and merchandising display.

Have you ever asked yourself – how visual merchandisers introduce new products to their potential clientele? Well, they use season displays to present and promote the new products. The arrival of winter, summer, autumn and holiday seasons such as Easter, Christmas, Halloween, and other special days and holidays are presented on the displays and stock related to those events or seasons during those periods to boost conversions.

By using fun and creative visual displays, the main purpose and core strategy of visual merchandising is to make a long-lasting, positive, and visual connection with your target audience. Speaking in the same language as your clients is a key element, but don’t worry there are different types of business encyclopedias that will bring you closer to your clients. For instance, some retail stores present discount products, products on sale or those advertised as purchase one and get one for free. The retail stores’ display can also be used to showcase products that are overstocked.

How Can Technology Help You make a Good First Impression: Why is Technology Suitable for Merchandise Display?

It is a clear fact that visual merchandising display technologies are pretty helpful as they attract customers’ attention, provide amazing shopping experience, and stimulate customer’s senses and convince him to buy more products. The end result is an increased number of purchases and increased customer loyalty.

Here are the most popular and widely-used merchandise technologies and the benefits of using them:

  • Planogram Software: This is a visual diagram that provides visual merchandisers with information and details of the location of the products they sell and the products that are displayed in the store. These diagrams not only present a clear chart for a specific merchandise departments but also instruct on a particular shelf and aisle a product is to be displayed. Some of the benefits a retailer can gain from using this technology are: provides information on product quantity and exact location, makes inventory work much simple and easy, tells what should be stocked and the colors or sizes that work best for a particular shelf, and stimulates customers to purchase.
  • LED Lighting: Having a proper lighting is really important for a retail store. The LED lighting makes sure products are noticed and seen in their actual quality and colors. The LED lighting is great as it creates a warm and positive welcoming atmosphere and it is also energy saving. SOme of the benefits of using LED lighting are: it can be focused where it is needed, allows more sophisticated lighting set up, it gives the product a more emotional appeal, it is digitally programmed to produce the right color needed in each area, and help retail stores that are evolving around creating a pleasant mood with lighting and decor.
  • Window Displays: The window displays are used to present merchandise for sale in the retail store and showcase potential shoppers the products that are on sale. Here are a few tips you can use to create a suitable merchandise window display – ensure the products stand out, create a simple and yet effective display, use good lighting to highlight your best products, make create use of mannequins, use visual effects to make the window display more fun and attractive, and don’t forget to tell a store with your display.

By using our tips you will attract new customers and entice them to visit your store!

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